The Asian-American experience is often misunderstood in the U.S, because it’s rarely depicted in mainstream entertainment. Asian characters are usually portrayed as one-dimensional, especially in comedy: nerd, kung-fu master, background extra. This show is meant to dissolve these preconceptions and provide an intimate, nuanced (and funny!) look into what it’s like being an Asian-American in a way that appeals not only to other Asian-Americans, but also to anyone who has felt those same pressures, desires, and conflicts.


Episode 1

Kevin, a Korean-American student, contemplates dropping out of medical school as his passion for the culinary world intensifies, much to the dismay of his first-generation parents.

Episode 2

Kevin struggles to find tickets to a pop-up event to one of his favorite chef’s.

Episode 3

Finally landing a job at a restaurant, Kevin has his first day at work but runs into a familiar face, questioning his decisions.

Episode 4

Kevin and Chelsea has a day out in Brooklyn but things turn serious when Kevin receives a phone call from his parents.

Episode 5

Kevin struggles in school and continues to fight with his parents. Will he finally be brave enough to follow his dreams?